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How To Prepare Your Car For The Winter

Photo of Mechanic Servicing Vehicle

With the bitterly cold winter months approaching, the last thing that you want to deal with is your car breaking down. Here are our top tips that you should consider when preparing your car for the winter and how you can minimise the risk of a breakdown.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Has Been Serviced

As the winter has proven to be the most problematic time of year for cars, the majority of these issues could actually be prevented by getting your car serviced. Catching any potential issues early can significantly boost the performance of your car and minimise the likelihood of something going wrong during the winter.

Keep Your Antifreeze Topped Up

Antifreeze/Coolant is essential for regulating the temperature of your engine. Over time, particularly during the winter, the antifreeze will dilute. This can result in the engine overheating and a huge bill if the engine needs repairing or replacing. You should only top up your coolant tank with water in an emergency, otherwise, you should be using antifreeze from a retailer (often coming premixed with water).

Check Your Tyres

Whilst this will be carried out during a service, it’s important that you are regularly checking the tread of your tyres and looking out for any signs that the tyres need some maintenance work or, worst-case, replacing.

Clean Your Windscreen & Top-Up Your Washer Fluid

As the darkness seems to close-in much sooner, most of us will find ourselves driving to and from work in the dark. This lack of visibility makes it vital that your windscreen is as clean as possible. This also makes it the perfect time to replace your windscreen wipers if you are finding that they aren’t as effective as they were. A common sign that they need replacing is if they smear the water on your screen rather than wiping it away.

Ensure You Have Breakdown Cover

It’s always important to prepare for the worst, especially during the winter, that’s why you should ensure that you have breakdown cover for your vehicle. You should check exactly what your breakdown cover includes so that you aren’t hit with any hidden costs.

Keep A Winter Kit In Your Car

Keeping a collection of spare winter clothes, a blanket, water, scraper, coolant and de-icer is a brilliant idea. This means that if your car was to get stuck in the snow, you have the essentials to keep warm whilst you wait for assistance.

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