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Preparing Your Car For Summer

sunlight on grass and trees

As we head into the warmer months, we know you might be ready to start planning your next road trip. However, it’s important to ensure that your car is safe and ready for your trip. So, here’s a list of a few key things to check.

Create Your Own Emergency Kit

first aid kit

As extreme as it might seem, it is important to be prepared for all eventualities. We’d recommend including a basic first aid kit, a torch, some snacks with a long shelf life and maybe several blankets. You might also consider including more personal items such as a phone charger. 

Car Battery

car battery jump starters

A dead battery might not be the end of the world, however, it can put a pin in any travel plans you have, even if it is short term. We recommend you regularly check your battery, before you set off on your journey, especially, if your battery light comes on your dashboard. There are portable jump starters which you can buy, these can come in handy if your battery refuses to work. Just make sure the jump starter is charged too!

Check Your Wipers

car wipers

Although we don’t expect rain in the summer, however, it has been known to happen! Check your wiper blades are still intact and working.


car tyres

It is important to ensure your tyres aren’t slowly deflating and they have ample tread depth. Legally, tyres they’re required to have a depth of 1.6mm, which can be tested quite easily by placing a 20p coin into the tread of the tyre. If the outer end is obscure, then your tread doesn’t meet the legal limit and your tyres should be replaced immediately.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services

No one enjoys driving a car in the heat without AC and so always keep it maintained, even through the winter. This way, when summer comes around it will be in perfect working condition. A good way to keep your AC working is to turn it on often, for small drives etc, doing this will keep the fans from seizing up.

Contact Dell Motors

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