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What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

car battery jump starters

There is nothing worse than turning the ignition to hear the sound of a dead battery, we see this happen more often in winter and can be quite a frustrating scenario. So, here are our tips on what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation, before you call out your recovery. 

Charge It Up

Although most newer cars have automatic light sensors which switch off when the key isn’t in the ignition, older cars may require manually switching off. Things like this can cause your battery to die. As silly as it may sound, charging the battery can be a quick fix if it hasn’t been completely discharged. It can be handy to purchase a battery charger.

Jump Start

If your battery has completely gone flat, it’s unlikely that charging it will help so a jump start might be the next thing to try. This will require another car with a battery that is working and some jump leads. There are a variety of guides on how to do this safely, which can be found online. You can buy portable jump-starter kits, which can be quite helpful when you’re on your own. However you should make sure it is powerful enough to start your engine.

Battery Replacement

Although a jump start may fix the issue, it might be worth getting your battery checked and possibly replaced by a specialist. A mechanic can check the condition of your battery and confirm if it needs replacing or not. 

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